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    Picture of Leevo 10W Qi Certified Wireless Charger Ultra Slim Foldable Pad Universally Compatible Black

    Leevo 10W Qi Certified Wireless Charger Ultra Slim Foldable Pad Universally Compatible Black

    • 10-Watt Qi-certified circular wireless charging pad: Comes with durable Poly-carbonate construction and a non-slip rubber bottom.
    • Conveniently charge your mobile phone: By simply placing it on the pad.
    • Reduce wear and tear of the mobile charging port caused by regular plugging and unplugging of the charging cable.
    • CHARGE WITH CASE ON: Wireless Charging made easier; you can now charge your phone even with the protection case on. All you have to do it just place your phone on the charging pad.
    • Elegant, compact design: The compact, travel-friendly design does not take up much space on your desktop or nightstand while the black finish ideally blends into any environment
    • 3 Modes for Ultra Convenience - Watch your movies while in LANDSCAPE mode; use it as a bedside clock in PORTRAIT mode or simply keep it in DESK mode. Simply place it and never worry about draining your battery
    • Get your Sleep Mode on: The charger goes off when your phone is charged completely & protects your phone from getting overcharged even if the phone is kept on the charging pad for endless hours. So, just sleep off without any worries.
    €17.99 €10.15
    Picture of Leevo Racer Wireless Neckband Earphones with Micro SD Support and a Punchy Sound Ink Black

    Leevo Racer Wireless Neckband Earphones with Micro SD Support and a Punchy Sound Ink Black

    • Nothing Sounds Better: Fuelled up with an industry-leading Bluetooth chip that offers a steady and powerful compression rate. The detailed volume stage gets your heart racing..
    • Nothing Charges Better: Escape into the incredible world of music with 12 hours of Playtime in just 1.5 hours of charging..
    • Nothing Stores Better: Give your phone and internet a break, Step out for a run & race your speed with Leevo Racer that has a Micro SD support to store your mesmerising playlist..
    • Nothing Fits Better: Ride out load with a skin-friendly, elegant & weightless design. The magnetic ear-tips are quite a secure fit for your ears and are strictly against slipping off..
    • Nothing Designed Better: The Sporty design helps you enter the door of a sleek and adaptive experience all along.
    €29.88 €11.17
    Picture of Leevo Dance Wireless Neckband Earphones with Super Fast Charging

    Leevo Dance Wireless Neckband Earphones with Super Fast Charging

    • Uplift your soul with the rich Sound: Designed for the blazing dancer in you to deliver massive sound capacity whether its pop, rock or jazz armoured by V5.0 technology.
    • Be Fearless To Express: Sway your feet along with the rhythm of your heart with extremely soft and right-sized earphones that ensure great comfort for long-time wearing. Let your heart feel light with our lightweight neckband.
    • Twist and Twirl Around: Shake a leg with Leevo Dance Neckband that dusts off the outer disturbances with a clear voice pick up of the mic so that you get your messages without any distortions. Google Voice Assistant and Siri can easily understand your order even in a noisy ambiance.
    • Just hop, Don’t Stop: Even if you stumble, don’t stop. Just make it a part of your routine with the Dance Neckband that gets charged rapidly. They can easily provide music playback of 2 hours only in 10 mins of charging.
    • Dance out loud: Don’t let your feet stop with a 140mAh massive battery that provides music playback of 12 hours.
    €35.88 €14.99
    Picture of Leevo Thunder Wireless Neckband with deep Thunderous bass

    Leevo Thunder Wireless Neckband with deep Thunderous bass

    • Thunderstorm Sound: - Welcome the new Wireless Thunder with a supreme 11.2 mm bass driver, giving you a powerful bass experience and exceptional sound quality.
    • Extraordinary Battery Performance: - Boost up your ‘Me Time’ with an enormous battery capacity, 10 mins of charging gives you 100 mins of music time.
    • Decked with Next-Gen Tech: - Experience the power of music with the latest Bluetooth V5.0 tech providing a lightning fast connection. Fast Charge mechanism grants 12 of hours of playtime in one charge.
    • CONTOURED FIT: - Enjoy the thunder of music all day long with around-the-neck design. The fine mastery of magnetic housing keeps it light and soft to wear comfortably.
    • Be tangle-free - It is time to stop untangling lengthy wires and start enjoying music on the go with our pocket flexible retractable Neckband.
    €35.88 €14.99
    Picture of Leevo Power Play Wireless Neckband Earphones

    Leevo Power Play Wireless Neckband Earphones

    • Earth Shaking Sound: - Leevo Power Play not only channels the sound powerfully into your ears but also oozes out your m most cherished music with a grand boosted bass.
    • Tune In Your Zone: Ignite your passion for music all day long. Just plug in & dive into your zone for as long as you like with 18 hours of battery life.
    • Don’t Quit with a Solid Fit: Never seen before collar-clip with an excellent artistry that features an anti-falling off mechanism. • Luxurious Design: The look and grip of PowerPlay is immensely pleasant with a bronze tonality on the ear-tips which owns both strength and charm.
    • Power your performance: Leevo Power Play is loaded with Bluetooth V5.0 that provides high-level functionality by advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chipset giving you an amazing range of 10 meters.
    €44.28 €14.99
    Picture of Leevo Love Buds Truly Wireless in Ear Buds with Soft bass

    Leevo Love Buds Truly Wireless in Ear Buds with Soft bass

    • No wire,no comprimises: Enjoy your music with no strings attached. Feel the freedom with Leevo Love Buds as they are completely wireless earbuds. Just open the tiny box, put on your earbuds and enter a completely different world
    • Environmental noie cancellation: Immerse yourself in the ocean of sweet sound. Stay lost in the magic of Love buds
    • Up your game with your assistant- Love Buds are completely ready for all the Siri & Google voice assistant tasks. Simply give your command and get the day to day work done while travelling, eating, chilling
    • Unleash your super power: - The smartly designed earbuds are built with a strong capacity battery that comes with a charging case of 400 mAh, which provides up to combined 20hours of music time and long hours of standby with a single 2 hours of charge
    • Go wireless with next gen bluetooth V5.0: - The Bluetooth V5.0 provides a fast, re-liable, stable and powerful connection. These earbuds are compatible with all of the Bluetooth enabled devices
    • 1 year warranty by the manufacturer from date of purchase
    €44.28 €16.26