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    Toreto POWER X 10000 mAh Power Bank TOR 63

    Toreto POWER X 10000 mAh Power Bank TOR 63

    • Model : TOR 63
    • Battery Type : Li-Polymer Battery
    • Input : 2.1A (Max)
    • Output : 2.1A (Max)
    • Battery Capacity : 10,000 mAh
    • Warranty : 6 Months Manufacturing Warranty
    $19.59 $13.23
    I Ball 20000LP Power Bank 20000mAh Li-Po Entry Level Type C input

    iBall 20000LP Power Bank 20000mAh Li-Po Entry Level Type C input

    • Unleash the power of iBall 20000 LP Powerbank to juice up your smart devices and never run out of charge!
    • The extremely high capacity Powerbank offers fast charge on the go in high-quality ABS material in a premium look for a sophisticated feel in two colours, Black and White.
    • It's powerful, portable and gives you excellent quality with its dual USB output feature which means you can charge two devices at the same time.
    • Not just that, its dual input ports let you charge the power bank with both the Type-C and Micro USB chargers.
    • Easy to say, that the IB-20000LP Powerbank is the powerbank for Generation
    $34.99 $16.81
    I Ball Power Bank  10000LPS 10000 mah

    iBall Power Bank 10000LPS 10000 mah

    • The iBall LPS 10000 mAh Smart Charge is compatible with majority of the devices. Now charge not just mobiles but tablets, BT speakers, earphones, headsets, fitness bands etc. It comes with 1-year manufacturer's warranty!.
    • The Smart ones don’t wait. That’s the joy of the iBall Portable Powerbank – iB-10000LPS. With its 2.4A Fast Adaptive charging it gets your devices and you up and moving within no time. .
    • It has dual USB input, both Micro and Type C for new generation devices with the convenience of an LED charging indicator
    • You know it’s smart with its 9 layers of device protection against electric irregularities. But what gets most people is its slim design and rich white and grey colour choices..
    • It’s a sleek fit Powerbank made for the mobile life.
    $27.99 $13.16
    I Ball Power Bank 10000 QCPD 10000 mAh

    iBall Power Bank 10000 QCPD 10000 mAh

    • Buckle up and boost your devices like never before!
    • Stay charged up always with the iBall IB-10000M QCPD Powerbank.
    • The 10000 mAh battery makes sure your battery-drained devices always get the kick of a quick power fix.
    • Plus, its dual USB output feature means you can charge two devices at the same time!
    • That too with steadfast consistency.
    • It's compact in design and looks absolutely elegant which makes this powerful Li-Polymer Battery with 10000 mAh Battery Capacity the best gift to share with a loved one.
    • And that’s not all! You get this beauty in four striking colours Black, Blue, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold to match your mood.
    • This portable device comes with USB-C and Micro USB Inputs, and multi-protection features to ensure that you can safely charge your smart devices anytime, anywhere.
    $34.99 $15.43
    i Ball Power Bank 10000LPM 10000 mAh

    iBall Power Bank 10000LPM 10000 mAh

    • Power does make people look good. The slim & sleek metal body iBall Portable Powerbank – iB-10000LPM is the result of infusing fashion with technology.
    • Its Euro design metal finish comes in four colours - Black / Blue / Rose Gold / Champagne Gold.
    • And its impressive design is backed by hardcore 10000mAh capacity; ready to power you up with its 2.4A Output, Fast Adaptive Charging.
    • Which means no matter where you are, you are recharged without a break.
    • Its twin USB output means it is ideal for the multi-mobile device life; plus, it has both Micro USB & Type C for input.
    • The iBall Portable Power Bank – iB-10000LPM is the kind of power you want to carry everywhere.
    $25.19 $12.85
    I Ball Power Bank IB 5000 LPS 5000mAh Li-Po Entry

    iBall Power Bank IB 5000 LPS 5000mAh Li-Po Entry

    • When the travel bug bites you, make sure you have iBall 5000LPS in your backpack for high quality and unending power supply.
    • Wander the world with a pocket-sized sleek powerbank that recharges your smart devices and enjoy your travels like never before.
    • The super-slim & ultra-compact design with dual USB output, you can stay connected with your friends and family, while you explore the world easily.
    • Its powerful elegant exterior is best suited for a long life, while fast adaptive charging and excellent 9 layers of security ensure you and your smart devices are safe and protected, always.
    • Available in two colors, Black and White, take your pick to support all your adventure travels.
    $13.99 $7.32
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